20 Billion Neurons

Capturing the world’s first context-aware AI avatar.
  • Concisely explain the complexity of the technology
  • Capture the technology in action
  • Communicate the vision of the company
  • Show ‘Millie’ in multiple scenarios

20BN came to Woolly Mammoth with a challenging brief: explain a complex technology to the outside world, show it in action with situational demos and communicate 20BN’s bold vision of pioneering the next generation of context-aware AI.

Woolly Mammoth produced 12 videos across two visits to 20BN’s Berlin HQ, becoming a de-facto member of the team for an intense and highly enjoyable couple of weeks.

Will is curious about our company, people, and technology, and he is committed to finding the best way to present us to the outside world. Throughout the production and the editing processes, Will demonstrated great energy and patience in listening to our feedback and requests. We are very pleased with the results and look forward to working with Woolly Mammoth again in the near future.

Nahua Kang
Product Marketing Manager @ 20BN


12 Videos

Strategically used as Owned Media on the 20BN website dramatically increasing the site’s communication efficiency.

Talent Attraction

Videos resulted in a significant uptick in talent applications; an unexpected but very welcome result.

In-house media assets

The videos we produced have not only served as important external communications, but also internally for investors.