From neuroscientists to quantum physicists, we captured them all at’s landmark event at Cambridge University.
  • Film all keynotes and presentations.
  • Deliver to a 24 hour turnaround deadline.
  • Produce a trailer/highlights video capturing the spirit of the event and key messages.
  • Gather vox pops from key people for social media content. approached Woolly Mammoth to be the media production partner for their landmark 2018 event, Decision Summit. Held in the inspirational setting of Cambridge University, the event welcomed distinguished scientists, academics, engineers and entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Our team filmed and edited all keynotes and presentations, burning the midnight oil to deliver them within 24 hours. We also produced a highlights video from the event, as well as vox pops and testimonials.


24 hour turnaround

Our team filmed, edited and produced nine full length keynote presentations in 24 hours.

11 videos

In addition to the presentations, we also produced two short and dynamic videos for social media.

Strategic communications

We worked with Prowler's marketing team to structure the narrative of our social videos such that they communicated key company messages.