Customer testimonials that are a joy to make


Client: Proportunity

Focus: Customer testimonials, content for paid campaigns

Proportunity have a proposition that's almost too good to be true. Of course, many businesses would say the same, but with Proportunity it risks being a poisoned chalice: our audience may not believe that we can do what we claim. Proportunity helps people to extend the reach of their finances so as to afford a home that would be otherwise out of reach, and in so doing has positioned themselves smack bang in the middle of the most significant financial decision of their customers' lives. Proportunity needed to reach their audience with an authentic message of trust: 'we really can help you, but don't just take our word for it.' Indeed, this is the goal of all customer testimonials. The challenge is to tell stories that are both on-brand and genuine. This is the second round of videos we've made for Proportunity, and we enjoyed them every bit as much as the first.

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Videographer/Editor/Interviewer/Photographer: Will Reynolds

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