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At Woolly Mammoth we make film studio-quality videos available at freelancer prices.

There may be a time when you need an entire film production agency for your project, when a lean and talented team isn't enough.

For everything else, there's us.*

*Not ripped off from MasterCard.

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Our specialities

We specialise in the content that ambitious companies need most:

1. Employer branding
2. Customer testimonials
3. Event coverage
4. Product demos/promos
5. Company photography

Employer Branding1/5
Attract the talent you need by showcasing your company culture and showing off your employer proposition. We like to capture candid, authentic moments in your company, and combine them with interviews from your leaders and team members to make memorable and compelling videos that answer a single powerful question: why should you join us?
Customer Testimonials2/5
Social proof is essential for every business and a keystone of any marketing strategy. Much like our approach to employer branding, authenticity is the key with testimonials. We specialise in telling genuine customer success stories that connect on a rational and emotional level with your audience.
Event Coverage3/5
Events have become an important resource in the  ecosystem, so if you've got an event of your own, we'll make sure you get the most out of it. From 'after movies' to keynote presentations and photography, we will turn your event into a content goldmine.
Product Demos & Promos4/5
Sometimes you just need to show people how your product works. From more functional 'how to' styles to flashier promotional videos, we will do your product and your company justice.
Team Photography5/5
We're strong believers in the value of high quality archival photography of your company and team. From headshots to office culture and company retreats, we'll create beautiful photographic assets that you can be proud of.

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Got something else in mind?

Despite these specialities, we also create a range of bespoke content that our clients cook up.

If you've got something in mind that you don't see here, the chances are we can do it.

So, whatchu thinking?

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Let’s make something together

If you have a project in mind, we'd love to hear about it.

Send Will an email and let's schedule a conversation focused on your business and what your looking to achieve.

Will Reynolds
Managing Director
Lead Videographer